Our activity is grounded in a set of steps, actions and specific agencies as well as a software platform. The platform has been developed to offer support to communities and their governance processes.


in order to ensure a smooth and shared process, we schedule specific sessions to train users and communities about models of participation as well as the use of provided tools: facilitation techniques, civic technologies, media and communication, etc.

Project design and management

We like to involve the community from the very beginning in the design of the process, to set shared goals, procedures and pace; also, we support our users throughout the whole process.

Support to online participation

We provide a software platform able to support all the steps of the participatory process and community activities, fostering networking among people and skills.

Facilitation and co-design

Thanks to our expertise in facilitation and policy design, We provide help and support in the organization and management of community meetings for project design and priority setting.


We realize coordinated images and web communication products (websites, banners, widgets), as well as traditional graphic materials (posters, guides, flyers, ecc.) to make activities more appealing and entertaining. Our activity also focuses on social media management and/or training.

Community Building

Role playing games and theatre workshops are among our activities to simulate participation and, at the same time, enhance a cooperative attitude among participants.

What can we do together?