We believe in a radical transformation of democracy, driven by relationships: a democratic system should be able to create conditions for people to get informed, know each other and make decisions. On this ground, organizational structures and democratic processes should foster an open circulation of information, ideas and experiences among people: we believe this is a precondition for effective cooperation and informed management of the commons.


Keeping in mind these goals, we developed a methodology that shapes the activities and the governance models we implement in our projects and propose to those we cooperate with.

Born out of research and experience, our methodology is declined in specific actions and makes use of ad hoc-developed tools. notwithstanding each single process’ peculiarity, actions and tools are designed to be assembled in flexible combinations, fitted for multiple needs and goals.


BiPart’s methodology takes the move from the following principles:

Bringing together the community in the definition of priorities;

Information and skills sharing among community members

Ideas and opinions circulation

Supporting civil society members as activators of their own community

Networking among groups and communities

Establishment of inclusive and dynamic agencies for deliberation

Regulation setting towards self-organization and legitimization


We have a significant expertise drawn from academic studies and experimentation on the field carried out by our team as a whole. the knowledge exchange and the steady interaction between research and action - not only within our team but also with our partners - allow for an ever-growing methodological evolution and flexible approach.

Stefano Stortone, CEO BiPart

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