Partecipatory Process


The activities we carry out share principles, actions and procedures underlying.

Partecipatory Budgeting


Participatory budgeting is a deliberative process, mostly tested in the urban realm and designed to involve participants in debating and making decisions together about governing the commons. In its most complex version it can be a model of urban governance: on an annual basis, citizens set priorities, appoint delegates and design solutions accordingly.

Our version of participatory budgeting is grounded in a methodology designed and developed across ten years of study and fieldwork: it aims at engaging territories, raising widespread need and endorsing networking and collaborative policy and project design.

Collaborative planning


Collaborative planning addresses decisions and strategies regarding the local regulatory framework. Areas of intervention range from the design of development plans, to mobility policies, to building regulations, etc. Our approach to collaborative planning features a solid interaction between online and offline activity.

Deliberative processes and co-design are suitable tools for communities, organisations as well as informal groups that want to make decisions collaboratively and in different areas of interest.